Visiting the owls

A small percentage of profits from Owls of the British Isles design go to The Barn Owl Centre in Gloucestershire whose mission is to advance the conservation and preservation, and to provide a sanctuary for British owls and other raptors. Over the Easter break I went to visit the owls and was told the very exciting news that the centre has recently been given permission to buy the 12-acre site that they have been developing. They have a year to raise the £150,000 cost. They also need further money to finish refurbishing the current buildings, which were derelict when they took them on and to complete more aviaries for the birds, that all receive 24-hour care. There is also an area that isn't open to the public so that the wild owls that come to the centre with an injury and aren't used to human contact can recover in peace.

Whilst there, I met several owls who had been brought to the centre over a year ago by the RSPCA in a terrible state after having been abused by one man. If you want know more about the case click here. New accommodation had to be built for these birds that thanks to Vince and his team are now fully recovered and happily settled in their new home. One eagle owl was even sitting on several eggs waiting for her eagle owlets to hatch.

If you wish to donate money to the centre, adopt an owl or to buy an owl box for your garden have a look at The Barn Owl Centre Website, or to buy Owls of the British Isles wallpaper, tea towels or cushion covers click here.

The workshop where owl nest boxes are made. To buy one click here