New wallpapers

New designs, Brambleweb, Wilson’s Crystals and Dragonfly tiles will soon be available to buy from the web shop. All wallpapers are printed with water based inks in the UK.

Brambleweb comes in two colour ways and is a hand drawn design of never ending tangled brambles creating art nouveau shapes with a slightly gothic edge and creating the effect of being nestled in a bramble thicket. The design is reminiscent of the thorny brambles that entwined everything and everyone within the castle where Briar Rose lay sleeping for 100 years.

Wilson’s Crystals is an intricate hand drawn design featuring thirty different snowflakes, each one drawn individually and arranged into a graphic retro pattern. Inspired by the remarkable work of Wilson Bentley who dedicated almost fifty years to photographing more than 5000 snowflakes and made the discovery that no two snowflakes are alike.

There is also a new tile mural called ‘Dragonfly’. It is manufactured in Stoke-On-Trent and consists of 18 ceramic tiles that are 25% recycled.

Photographs are by the lovely Sarah Hogan and they will all be available to buy very soon!