Owls of the British Isles Tea Towels

Owls of the British Isles Tea Towels

  • Dimensions: 48cm x 76cm approx (18.89″ x 29.92″)
  • Material: Organic cotton

Owls of the British Isles is a graphic design featuring 10 different owls. The barn owl, eagle owl, hawk owl, snowy owl, Tengmalm’s owl, scops owl, little owl, short eared owl, long eared owl and tawny owl.

5% of profits from this wallpaper will go to The Barn Owl Centre (barnowl.co.uk) to advance the conservation of the barn owl and other species of owl.

The tea towel has been screen printed in the UK on organic cotton and there is a hanging loop in the corner. It is printed in black on to the natural ground of the cotton.

Lead time 5 days if in stock

Photograph: Alun Callender

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